Pardon The Dust...

So, as you may have noticed, things around here have slowed down. But we are currently working on re-designing the site in order to provide a better experience for everyone. You will soon begin to see changes in the next few weeks and for those of you that have not been added to the directory, please accept our apologies and be sure that we will add you all as soon as possible. There are many comments to review so it will take some time, but be sure we will get to all of you. We are also working on a different contact form in order to make things easier on everyone, in the mean while please feel free to keep commenting. Thank you all for your support  ^_^

Just an update: we are currently going trough your comments to add your sites to the listings, for now they will be under NEW, but they are being sorted out by categories and added to the new listing pages as we speak ^_^

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