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Quest for Happiness - An encouraging place to be uplifted, inspired, and edified. Join us to find happiness in fulfillment.

LDS Printables - A website devoted to free LDS Printables!

Walk Beside Me for Knowledge - About us Walk Beside me for Knowledge. Is a registered non profit organization in San Pedro Sula as Honduras based foundation.

OUR MISSION We are a faith-based institution for children and young Hondurans to their own transformation, the community and around the country through education. From the classrooms of special education and bilingual education programs, our team of employees Honduran and foreign volunteers who are dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty providing us an intellectually stimulating environment, with growth and growth in spiritual values ​​and good people . Since the beginning of the first school in 2005 Bilingual School Garden and Smart Kids. We always want to offer children and young people an education that gives them power, support to be able to transform their own communities and their country

A Dream Adoption - We are a large LDS family that lives in the country, homeschools, and just adopted twins from Latvia!

Cr8ive M.E. - Paper crafting, featuring making scrapbooks and cards

LDS-Youth - offers new, fun, and enriching activities for LDS Youth. This site features YW/YM combined activities, firesides, dances, service projects, articles, and Activity E-Books.

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  2. You are welcome! I am glad you enjoyed them!